You'll avoid expensive repairs and recovery costs.


Our network monitoring and maintenance will save you money by preventing expensive network disasters from ever happening in the first place.

You'll experience faster performance, few "glitches' and practically zero downtime.


Some parts of your system will degrade in performance over time, causing them to slow down, hang up and crash.  Our preventative maintenance and network monitoring will detect these problems early and prevent them from escalating into more expensive repairs and downtime.

You'll gain incredible peace of mind.


As a business owner, you already have enough to worry about.  We'll make sure everything pertaining to your network security and reliability is handled so you don't have to worry about it.

You'll feel as though you have an in-house IT department without the costs.


As a network maintenance customer, you'll have access to a knowledgeable support staff that can be reached immediately should you have any kind of problem or question.

You'll safeguard your data. 


The data on the hard disk is always more important than the hardware that houses it.  If you rely on your computer systems for daily operations, it's time to get serious about protecting your critical, irreplaceable electronic information.


“With people’s livelihoods riding on the smooth functioning of CI’s email infrastructure, the organization depends on constantly monitoring its systems to make sure they’re up and running. And that’s exactly what Joe and his team do 24/7.”

Rhonda Cassidy / Compliance Insight

“Superior Computers offered their cloud solution at an extremely affordable price, I no longer fear leaving the office as my files are there and easily accessible wherever I need them. Thank you Superior Computers”

Kim McDonnell / R&B Contractors

“Superior Computers monitoring and reporting allows us a weekly view into what is happening, identify and resolve any problems before they result in downtime and loss of productivity. Proactive and Extremely knowledgeable staff make these guys a great IT company!”

Leslie Jewett / YWCA

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